My incredible journey

Emma's Incredible Journey

“It was our only chance of having a child”

Dealing with a medical condition like ovarian cancer can be a frightening and isolating experience. Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone – or to hear from those who’ve lived through something similar.  

So when Emma wrote to us to say how much our underwear had helped her rebuild her life after cancer treatment, having a baby and then a hysterectomy and menopause, we asked if we could share her inspiring story...

Emma’s story...

“In December 2013 I went to my doctor with a bad cough and pain in my lower abdomen. I thought the pain was from where I had been coughing, but after examining me the doctor sent me straight to hospital. It turned out I had ovarian cancer and a tumour larger than a rugby ball. They did surgery, removing the tumour and my ovary. Then I had chemo and beat the cancer. 

I was 39 and it is very unusual to have ovarian cancer at such a young age. I had been with my partner Justin for 12 years and we had no children.

X-ray showing Emma's ovarian cancer tumour prior to surgery
Photo of Emma's daughter conceived by IVF before chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

Prior to starting chemo I was given one round of IVF as the chemo would affect my fertility. They were able to take just one egg to early embryo stage. The odds of getting this embryo to a baby (if we chose to) were very low, but it was our only chance of having a child in the future.  

In 2017 we made the difficult decision to see if we could get our embryo to survive. It had been on ice since it had been made. It was a tough decision, as my body had been through so much and losing that embryo at any stage of the process would have had an emotional cost. Against all the odds our daughter was born in May 2018. She has grown into a wonderful little girl who is treasured by all our family and friends.

Justin and I married during the pandemic and when our daughter turned three I returned to hospital to have a full hysterectomy to prevent the cancer returning to my remaining ovary. This put me in early menopause and delivered all the joys that come with it, including weight gain, hot flushes, fatigue and insomnia. However, I continue to love spending time with our daughter, playing football and working in my job as an essential worker.  

The chemo damaged the nerves in my bladder, causing stress and urge incontinence. When this was followed by having a baby and then a hysterectomy and menopause, my incontinence got so much worse to the point where liners were not enough. I researched online and found your underwear and decided to give them a go. I was delighted with them. They gave me the ability to be able to go out generally, but also to do my job without fear of embarrassing accidents on duty. It would be impossible for me to play sports and keep my fitness up for my job without your products. They have given me the confidence and freedom to be as normal as I can be, while living with the side effects of an incredible journey.  

Thank you so much. 


We would like to thank Emma for sharing her powerful story with us. We don’t want bladder leaks to hold you or your loved ones back, which is why we designed Just'nCase underwear with freedom in mind.  

If you think your story might be helpful to others please let us know by emailing us in confidence on  

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