prostate cancer diagnosis

can change your life in ways you’ve never foreseen. Even successful treatment brings with it a range of side effects, such as

urinary incontinence

. When Brad received his diagnosis he had no idea what was ahead here he shares his story to help pave the way for other men...

Finding Confitex was a huge stepping stone during my battle with

prostate cancer


At 49, I was a healthy, active guy who hadnt been to a doctor in 20 years. We got a new family doctor and he wanted to start with a physical check-up. In the process they found Stage 3 prostate cancer. Even though I had no symptoms at all and no idea anything was wrong, because the tumour was very aggressive, it was strongly suggested that I bypass radiation and go in for immediate surgery. It was a lot to deal with all of a sudden. 

Unfortunately I found the side effects introduced by the surgery difficult. Incontinence and

erectile dysfunction

were handed to me almost overnight. Having had no issues prior to surgery I went from a normal 49-year-old (some would argue with that) to having to buy pants with big pockets so I could carry pads everywhere. Just walking the dog or leaving the house for any reason meant I had to have pockets full of spare pads and I was always checking on my equipment. People would tell me I was looking great, but I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.  

I started avoiding places where I might have to change. Forget about hockey or gym, where groups of people change in one big room. Going to friends houses where I might have to leave pads in their garbage can was awkward. A typical men’s washroom has stalls and toilets at one end, and a garbage can at the other end, down where all the ‘normal’ guys are drying their hands – not a place where you want to be changing and disposing of pads if you feel sensitive about these things.  

But after doing some research, I found Confitex. It’s probably difficult for anyone who hasn't been through it to understand, but it really is life-changing to have

washable leakproof underwear

that look normal from the outside – not to mention being much more environmentally friendly than pads or

disposable absorbent underwear

. Nobody can even tell you arent wearing normal underwear, and suddenly going to the gym or playing hockey didnt leave me feeling ashamed and awkward. I can visit people again and not worry about leaving pads in their garbage cans.  

Having Confitex has allowed me to live a normal life. Thanks, I am a devoted customer! 

We would like to thank Brad for sharing his story with us. If you think your story might be helpful to others please email us in confidence on Thank you!

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