How to Wear Incontinence Underwear for Men

How to wear Confitex incontinence underwear for men

We were delighted when one of our US customers got in touch, volunteering to appear in a series of videos endorsing our washable men’s incontinence underwear.

As a health professional and prostate cancer survivor, he felt that more men needed to be aware that Confitex incontinence briefs for men are ideal for managing the bladder leakage that often follows prostate cancer treatment.

For many men, initial heavy urinary incontinence following prostate surgery or radiation is followed by light-to-moderate bladder leaks. That's when they find our comfortable, discreet reusable leakproof underwear for men useful for allowing them to get on with life without worrying about continually buying and disposing of single-use male urinary incontinence products such as guards and shields.

What’s it like living with urinary incontinence after prostatectomy?

At the very beginning you constantly have to go to the bathroom. My leakage now is not very often but every once in a while I’ll still just spontaneously pee when I cough, yawn, clear my throat or pass wind. I’m three and a half years post-surgery but I do still leak.

In your experience, what is the best male urinary incontinence product for bladder leaks?

I’ve been using Confitex underpants for probably about a year and a half now and they’ve really changed my life. They look like regular underwear and they give me the protection that I want to go throughout my day and not worry about it. Whether I’m biking or hiking or just going out to a restaurant, I feel much more at ease and comfortable not having to worry about pads or Depends or anything.

How do Confitex reusable incontinence pants for men feel to wear?

You almost don’t even remember that they’re there, you’re just living your normal life.

Confitex underwear feel just like any comfortable underwear. They look like regular underpants, they’re very comfortable, they don’t make noise and they do the job that I want them to do.  

How do you care for your Confitex for Men washable incontinence underwear?

I just wake up, put on the Confitex underwear early in the morning, go about my day, live my life, then at the end of the day take them off, put them in the laundry with the rest of my dirty laundry, wash them and reuse them again.

Why have you volunteered to appear in these videos recommending Confitex men's protective underwear?

I’m hoping that, by doing this, other men can learn that using Confitex underpants is a great alternative to using pads. I really feel that Confitex has changed my life, made my life simpler and better for the environment.  

If you have had a great experience with Confitex incontinence briefs for men let us know in confidence on 

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