✓ Multi-tasking period panties and

pee panties


✓ Absorbs at least 25ml – more than

five tampons worth!


✓ Super-thin (only 2mm) plastic-free gusset textile

✓ Independently lab-verified leakproof and odour-resistant

✓ Advanced stretch fabric with tummy-tuck support

✓ Machine washable and dryer safe

Just’nCase High-Cut Briefs with Everyday Absorbency are your new best friend on light to medium period days and if you leak a wee bit when you cough, sneeze or laugh. Read reviews here.

Available in black, they look, feel and fit just like ordinary high-leg underwear, but with the bonus of our super-absorbent, leakproof panel – our catch-all solution for life’s little leaks.  

What sets them apart from other absorbent underwear is Confitex’s patented plastic-free textile technology, which has been lab-verified hyper-absorbent, leakproof, odour-resistant, breathable and durable. Read more on our blog.

Why choose Just’nCase? 

✓ Proven absorbency and leakproofing – read the lab-test results here

✓ Plastic-free and sustainable

✓ Comfortable stretch fabric with tummy-tuck support

✓ Reusable to save you money  

✓ Odour-resistant when worn  

✓ Comfortable, hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin  

✓ Machine washable and tumble dryable  

✓ Discreet design with no external branding

✓ Easy online order and delivery to your door  

✓ Free shipping within UK on orders over £80

✓ Free wash bag with every pair  

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Not sure whichJust’nCase briefs are right for you?
Read other women’s experiences and product reviews on our blog.
See how our pee-proof and period-proof pants compare with pads and tampons here.


Julia’s story: I peed myself laughing 

There were two episodes that made me finally face the fact that I had a leakage issue.  

The first was at a girl’s night out with other preschool mums, where we all got a bit silly and laughed and laughed... until I peed myself laughing. Luckily no one else noticed, but I did!  

Soon after that, wanting to get back into shape after baby two, I decided to go for a run. Within minutes, I was back at the front door, almost in shock at the realization of how weak my bladder was.  

To cut a long story short, I found I had a bladder/vagina prolapse, which is apparently very common. I had the op, but after a couple of years I started to leak again and had to resort to pads as back-up. I got to the stage of feeling quite anxious if I wasn’t wearing a panty liner.  

I became aware of pee-proof pants through a physio and thought they were worth a try. At firstI just wore them around the house to test them, but now I wear them every day. I've been surprised and relieved by how much pee they can hold without leaking.  

Ive tried out both Just’nCaseEveryday styles – the high cut and the lace. I probably prefer the lace as it looks quite feminine. I often wear them if I’m going out with my hubby – they look so lovely hed never guess. I wear the plainer ones for running.  

“From my experience, I’m noticing that it is best to rinse them after wearing – rather than just leaving them in my laundry basket until I do the washing at the weekend. 

I enjoy the fact that by wearing them I don’t have a niggle of worry that I might leak and that I don’t have to hide the pads from my husband. I also like the fact that it is a sustainable product, so feel Im playing my part! I’m impressed and I’d recommend them.” 


Tia’s story: How I manage menstruation  

“I like the idea of period underwear for a number of reasons – for the eco-friendly aspect, for cost reasons and because I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to pads and liners. I also like that it’s a natural, non-invasive approach.  

“Surprisingly, I’ve found that period pants work better than tampons and pads for my heavy flow. Just to give you an idea of my flow, on my heaviest day I’ll typically go through a super tampon every couple of hours. 

“My heavy periods have been a big issue for me, so I’ve been persistent in exploring options and I've ended up trying a few different brands of period-proof pants to work out which I like. I've tried a few brands now and I’ve found Just’nCase by far the best – none of the others have been able to hold my heavy flow without leaking. 

“I wear the Full Briefs with Extra Absorbency for my first and second days and nights, which are my heaviest. I have three pairs, and I change into a new pair between the day and night so I feel fresh. I machine wash and dry them in between so I get four wears back-to-back.  

“On day three I move to the Everyday Absorbency for my ‘lighter’ days – but I suspect my light might be someone else’s moderate-to-heavy flow, given that I can still go through a super tampon every four hours on those days. 

“I have one of each of the Everyday styles – the lace full brief and the more sporty high cut one. Both are very comfortable. I like the silky fabric and the way they make me feel supported around my stomach during my period. I am not a lacy girl, but I thought I’d try these and I found them really flattering. 

“I like that after doing a hand rinse I can just pop them in the washing machine and dryer so that I can reuse them pretty fast.  

“If you have a heavy flow like me, I think both the Everyday and the Extra are definitely great period panties for different stages of your cycle. I’m saving so much on pads and tampons!”


Just’nCase High Cut Briefs with Everyday Absorbency offer protection for light to medium period days, light bladder leakage and everyday peace of mind.

Independent lab testing shows they absorb the equivalent of five regular tampons.

For light bladder leakage, Just’nCase High Cut Briefs and Lace Full Briefs offer protection approximately equivalent to single-use liners such as Poise Daily Liners or Lights by Tena Long Liners.

On heavier period days, or if you have moderate bladder leakage, you may prefer to try our Full Briefs with Extra Absorbency.

If you have little or no bladder control, we’re sorry our underwear will not meet your needs.

To provide transparency and guidance in a largely unregulated industry characterised by unsubstantiated absorbency claims, we commissioned leading international standards laboratory UL to subject our products to stringent testing. Testing showed that Just'nCase High Cut Briefs with Everyday Absorbency absorb at least 25ml of liquid at a speed of at least 0.23 ml/sec. (In fact, the total absorbency verified by UL was substantially higher than this, but we have chosen to more accurately reflect the volume that can be accommodated without leakage in a real-life situation that allows for gravity, movement and compression.) Click here for the full results.


Wondering how our underwear compare to disposable pads, liners and tampons? We commissioned independent standards testing laboratory UL* to test them against leading single-use paper products. Here's where they fit on a scale of absorbency.

* The following is a graphic depiction of comparative results based on UL Laboratories testing of Confitex and selected leading brands of single-use absorbent liners and pads undertaken January-April 2020.

Bladder Leakage Comparative Absorbency

Poise liners - Light

Always Discreet Liners - Normal

Tena Liners - Standard

Always Discreet Liner 
for Bladder Leaks

Lights by Tena - Liners

Poise liners - Regular

Tena liners - Extra long

Up & Up Liners

Poise liners - Extra long

Always Discreet Pads for Bladder Leaks

Poise Daily Liners - Long length

Just ’n Case briefs: Everyday

Lights by Tena - Long liners

Just ’n Case briefs: Extra

Poise pads - regular pads


Just ’n Case briefs: Everyday

equals to 5 Regular tampons

Just ’n Case briefs: extra

equals to 5 super tampons


To work effectively, it’s important that your underwear fits snugly. Although our briefs are made from a forgiving stretch fabric to offer sizing flexibility, we strongly advise that you measure yourself before ordering, rather than just guessing.

Our sizing categories (XS, XL etc) are based on international standards and can be used as a general guide, but actual measurements are more likely to result in the perfect fit.

Many of our new customers like to buy one pair to trial in the privacy of their home, then once they know they’ve got the right size and absorbency they come back to buy multiple pairs.

Measure around the widest part of your hips and buttocks, keeping tape parallel with the floor, then consult our chart.



31 - 34 in

34.5 - 37.5 in

38 - 41 in

41.5 - 44 in

45 - 47.5 in



78 - 86 cm

88 - 96 cm

98 - 104 cm

106 - 112 cm

114 - 120 cm



Our absorbent underwear can be machine washed just like your ordinary underwear – and unlike most other brands their plastic-free composition means that, if you don’t have the time or inclination to hang them on the line, you can safely throw them in the tumble dryer.

Wash and dry before use to activate full absorbency. Rinse or soak after use then place in the free wash bag they were delivered in and wash on delicate cycle below 40°C/105°F. Do not bleach. Do not add fabric conditioner. Dry away from direct sunlight or tumble dry on low heat. Do not dry clean.


Frequently asked questions

Which level of absorbency do I need?

Just’nCase High Cut Briefs with Everyday Absorbency are designed for light to medium period days and light bladder leakage. They absorb at least five regular tampons’ worth of flow. Our Lace Full Briefs offer the same level of protection, and many women choose to stock their drawer with some of each to suit their mood and outfit. For heavy period days, post-baby bleeding and light to medium incontinence we recommend our Full Briefs with Extra Absorbency, which absorb and retain up to five super tampons’ worth of flow. If you have little or no bladder control, we’re sorry our underwear will not meet your needs. Please discuss your options with your health professional or carer.

Are they cost effective?

Designed to be worn again and again, Just’nCase briefs can be thrown in the washing machine and tumble dryer and have been lab-tested to withstand as many washing and drying cycles as ordinary underwear. They cost about the same as a pair of designer panties and last just as long. And because you’re not buying tampons, pads or liners as well, you’ll actually save money in the long run! Find out more on our blog.

Why are they better for the planet?

Unlike single-use pads and liners, Just’nCase underwear contain no plastics, making them an environmentally friendly solution to life’s little leaks. They can be washed and reused over and over again, reducing the amount of rubbish you send to landfill, and when you finally do wear them out, the fact that they’re plastic-free means they’ll biodegrade naturally. Find out more on our blog.

What colors are available?

We currently manufacture Just’nCase High Cut Briefs and Lace Full Briefs in black. Our Full Briefs with Extra Absorbency are available in black or beige.

What sizes are available?

We currently manufacture Just’nCase High Cut Briefs in sizes XS to XL. Our Full Briefs and Lace Full Briefs are available in sizes S to 2XL. See our Size Guide for details.

How long do they take to dry?

Our absorbent underwear can be hand or machine washed just like your ordinary underwear – and unlike most other brands their plastic-free composition means that, if you don’t have the time or inclination to hang them on the line, you can safely throw them in the tumble dryer. They can also be dried in an airing closet or on an indoor drying rack. They will take a little longer than ordinary underwear to dry – about the same as a pair of thick cotton sports socks.

Why wouldn’t I keep using pads, liners or tampons instead?

Just’nCase absorbent underwear are an environmentally friendly solution to life’s little leaks, and many women tell us they prefer the convenience and comfort of period and pee-proof panties over single-use alternatives. You won’t be sending wads of plastic-lined pads and liners to the landfill each week, and when you finally do wear them out, they’ll biodegrade naturally because they contain no plastic. Women also tell us they’re saving money by not having to constantly buy pads, liners or tampons, and they prefer the discretion of ordering our underwear online, rather than braving the supermarket checkout. We know our absorbent underwear are life-changing because you tell us so all the time – read some of your stories here.

More questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

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Under the UK Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014, Confitex is classified as an underwear product and as such, for hygiene reasons Confitex cannot offer returns or refunds if the protective hygiene sticker has been removed and/or reattached. Customers are strongly advised to check suitability and specifications of products before ordering.

In instances where Confitex agrees to exchange the product for another available style, size or absorbency, then with prior agreement the product needs to be returned to Confitex's warehouse (at the Customer’s cost) in its original pristine condition together with wash bag packaging and label within 30 days of delivery of your order.

In instances where, from time to time, products are offered on sale or at discounted prices, all products are final sale and may not be exchanged, returned or refunded for any reason.

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