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Everyone has the right to feel beautiful...

"At Confitex we're all about changing how people feel about themselves, restoring confidence and empowering. I love this. Confitex is this beautiful mix of design, aesthetic, comfort, fit and performance. Iím passionate about pushing the boundaries of design and innovation, and seeing the way one pair of underwear can totally change someoneís life. Underwear is the first layer everyone has to put on. Why should that be a pad or nappy which is so depressing. That is why I design beautiful absorbent lingerie so that everyone can feel great from the inside out"

Frantisek Riha-ScottFrantisec Riha-Scott
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Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible and made for people with a love of life and adventure

"Our customers refuse to live in a padded world. Why on earth should they? Not everyone wants to feel 'protected'. We've developed these products for people who love style and design and who want the clothes they're wearing to express who they are. People who happen to have incontinence should be able to enjoy their lifestyle, freedom, & independence. Our goal is to give those that want it the means to get out there, do what they want to do, and see who they want to see."

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